Install SQL Server Management Studio Step By Step

Install SQL Server Management Studio Step By Step Guide with referenced pictures . Setup the environment and jump to become SQL Ninja . Welcome Students, professionals , beginners , Teachers and fellow bloggers. We are into our SQL Beginner’s Guide and before we start with basic SQL Queries and lean how to write SQL Statements , we need a SQL Client Software/Database Management Software or some basic database software to execute our SQL Queries for practice .

You have multiple options available on internet , but i will recommend  SQL Online Practice website  SQL Fiddle . You will have option to practice MS SQL , Oracle SQL and other as well or you can Download the complete setup from Microsoft SQL Server’s Official Website . Download the ISO file , though the size is big but it’s worth it . Avoids the hassle and contains the complete MS SQL suite. We will See today How To Install SQL Server Management Studio Step By Step .

Let’s start with the installation. Mount the ISO file on a disk . Just click on the link if you don’t know how to do this. Once  you do you will find these files.

SQL Server Management Studio Step By Step Installation

Click on the Setup file and this menu will popup.

This is the menu that you will run into a lot. Every time you want to install , uninstall or repair your MS SQL Server this cute little menu will pop-up. Because this article is for beginners , we will just go ahead and Click the installation menu and we will find this screen

After Clicking on Installation , Click on New SQL Server Stand Alone link and then the setup will do some test as you can see on right side. It verified few tests and you can go ahead only if your machine pass all of them . You can see , it failed here because my machine was restarted years ago , so it requires me to do a restart. If you don’t run into this wonderful , you can go ahead. See below , results after restart. I am good to go with the next step. Press OK.

Don’t worry if next menu disappears for a while. It’s totally normal.  Next Screen will be like this. We will use evaluation version for now. Press Next

You gotta accept their License Terms. Click Next

Sometimes , setup wants to download more files from Internet. Therefore , you need a Internet connection and it will begin with it. So just click Next

After downloading it will run few more tests.  If no red flags , it will allow you to go forward , or else you will have to remove the red flags ( very low chances of that). Because , I don’t have a red flag now hence i can move forward.

After clicking Next. You need to be attentive now , up till now we used Next button very quickly and easily. Now we need to read and remember our selections carefully.
Next Screen will be . Select SQL Server Feature Installation

Now if you don’t have space issues or your machine is good you can select all feature from below , It won’t do any harm and you will not need to do any updates after installation .  This setup has options to install Analysis Services for Data Warehousing known as SSAS and Integration Services SSIS. If you’re planning to work on those technologies as well you can install them or else just install Database Engine. I’ll go with Select All because because I need full features for my future materials and articles. You may have to wait a little.

More Tests.

SQL Tips :

Take a long breath and read the next screen very carefully. This Screen is asking you what name will you choose to access this instance of SQL Server. Be very careful and keep this in mind because the name used here will be used to login into your software. You can either go with Default or name it therefore , I will go with Default. If you already have more than instance the names will appear at the bottom.

Then next two screens are simple.


We selected complete features, now SQL Server wants to know which user can access this instance. If this is your first interaction with this , just add current user and Windows Authentication Mode. This is because then  SQL Server will use your computers login as your login to the MS SQL Server Management Studio.

Click Next

Add Same Current User as previously. Click Next
After this screen , just keep hitting next. It will start installation.

Congratulations ! You have just successfully installed MS-SQL Server Management Studio . Yayyy!  Only if you below screen.

Time to login now.
Press the start button and type SQL Server . Open the SQL Server Management Studio because we want to login and access the instance now.
Remember , I told you to be careful about the User and name of the Server. You will now see why , Server Name for our SQL Server is the name of the machine because we added Current User during installation , hence it picked machine name and just click connect . It will use Windows Authentication ( Your system’s account login ) and let you in. See below both steps.

You’re now ready to learn some SQL , you’re now ready for SQL Queries Practice and become a SQL Ninja , Just hang in there because very exciting stuff is just around the corner.

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Happy Learning SQL Minnions!