DBMS Relationships

DBMS Relationships are a fundamental & core principal which is used to make objects behave with each other. We use DBMS relationships to define how entities in DBMS relates to each other and to what extent they will communicate with each other. Recently , we talked about  ERD Terminologies and discussed about entities and attributes in detailed. … Continue reading DBMS Relationships

ERD Terminologies | DBMS Concepts

ERD Terminologies are the terms such as entity , attributes their types and Keys that are responsible to create relationships between entities. Database Management Systems have been playing an important roles in our lives for decades now . It is helping businesses to grow and store their data, which later on used by Data Analysts … Continue reading ERD Terminologies | DBMS Concepts

Dr. Codd’s Rules For Relational Database

Dr. Codd was a mathematician who proposed a new model for a database , which is known to us as Relational Database Management System. He came up with twelve rules which every true relational database should follow .  Let's go through these and if you have a hands-on-experience with databases. See how much have you … Continue reading Dr. Codd’s Rules For Relational Database

DBMS Models | DBMS Concepts

DBMS Models defines the logical design and structure of a database and defines how data will be stored, accessed and updated in a database management system. There have been few proposed models which were used & then due to limitations in each of them . They got replaced by new DBMS Models. Most widely used … Continue reading DBMS Models | DBMS Concepts

What Is a Redundancy In DBMS

Redundancy in DBMS is when we store same information in different parts of the database , while this is not possible to remove Redundancy completely , it should be avoided whenever we can. Let’s say you are designing a system for a university. There’s a requirement to store the addresses of people in system as … Continue reading What Is a Redundancy In DBMS

What is Database Management System

Database Management System Definition : Database Management System ( DBMS) is a software that handles creation, manipulation and data integrity in a database by providing appropriate tools. It manages all users and transactions that are trying to access the database in a way that no transaction is lost and no users are disturbed. When desktop … Continue reading What is Database Management System

Database Concept | What is a Database

Database Concept is a fundamental concept to understand what is  database management system & how to create SQL databases.Only then you can jump towards implementing one . But for all that , Firstly , we have to first understand what data is . Data is a plural of 'Datum' . "Datum means a piece of information … Continue reading Database Concept | What is a Database