SQL Server Isolation Levels

SQL Server Isolation Levels helps in concurrency & transaction management by preventing concurrency problems . In an environment where we have multiple users modifying and accessing the same information , it is essential that they all can work at the same time without any delays. They all should be able to read correct data and … Continue reading SQL Server Isolation Levels


SQL Server Concurrency & Transaction Management

SQL Server Concurrency & Transaction Management  is a process which allows multiple users to access data and perform multiple operations maintaining data integrity and smooth execution all at the same time. Microsoft SQL Server manages concurrency control by using locks to help protect data. The locks control how multiple users can access and change shared data … Continue reading SQL Server Concurrency & Transaction Management

SQL Subquery | SQL Beginner Guide

SQL Subquery is another tool SQL Server has which can be used to fetch data from other tables to be used in main query according to the needs.  Inner query and nested query are other names of SQL Subquery. SQL Subquery can be used with the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements along with the operators … Continue reading SQL Subquery | SQL Beginner Guide

Features Of Database Management System?

We have all heard so much about Database management systems that sometimes we confuse the two things. One is RDBMS which is  Dr. Codd's data model which has 12 rules & the other is the software which is used to manage the RDBMS. Since , we humans love acronyms & like to shorten down everything … Continue reading Features Of Database Management System?

Data Normalization University Management System

Data Normalization is the process widely used and implemented in industry . While this concepts has it's use it comes with a price. However , Designing a DBMS is fundamental and of utmost importance to the success of any software. You can think of DBMS as human brain and this is true because DBMS design … Continue reading Data Normalization University Management System