BI Talks BI is for the people who are looking for developing a understanding of the concepts of databases , data warehouse and Data Analysis. We are by profession Data Analysts and Business Intelligence Consultants and  have a wide experience of industrial implementations of these domains.

We are starting with the basic DBMS Concepts & SQL Beginner Guide. With time , after covering these topics and establishing enough base knowledge we will move to Data Warehouse & after that to Business Intelligence . Taking it one step at a time. This way we will have all the supporting material with us when we will design our own ETL techniques .

At BI Talks BI , you will find the not-so-technical way of understanding the same concepts that are available all over the internet. We have always found it difficult to understand those highly technical descriptions and articles , with a vocabulary of a scientist. We will try to keep it simple. To keep it straight and if you still feel you need an extra word or two. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

BI Talks BI will also contain Question & Answers category where all the requested articles & detail answers will be posted against the emails that we have received so far. This way we can learn together and interact with each other.

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All the articles are well-researched and according to best of our knowledge , even then if you find a problem . Comment below so that we may be able to learn and correct it. Let’s learn together and share our knowledge !

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