What is a Database?

To understand what database Is, we have to first understand what data is .

Data is a plural of ‘Datum‘ .

  • “Datum means a piece of information and by definition data is a collection of information.”

Important thing to understand is information can be anything, whether it is bill of your favourite take-out from a restaurant or the fiction books of Game of Thrones containing all the literature and in the modern world with the concepts of Big Data and internet of things everything around us can be converted into data. Calories you consume, time you spent on Social Media, Number of texts you sent to a loved one. The number of words in it, the words itself. Your use of oven for minutes it was used to the time it was idle. Everything is data.

Purpose of explaining this in detail is sometimes, people when talk about databases refers to the statistical and data of facts.

However, to understand database, we should know that what data is , since we have developed a basic understanding of data we can say :

  • “Database is a system of storing data in a systematic way that it can later be used to process information.”

That is as simple as it gets. In early times when computers needed a whole building to do simple operations, people used manual systems of storing their data. Ledger Books, Personal Diaries and daily transaction books in which people recorded their daily affairs.

In a not-so-restricted way, I would like to call those gigantic registers as databases as well, since they stored the data and if needed be, they had a way to track their transactions.


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