What is Database Management System

Database Management System Definition :

Database Management System ( DBMS) is a software that handles creation, manipulation and data integrity in a database by providing appropriate tools. It manages all users and transactions that are trying to access the database in a way that no transaction is lost and no users are disturbed.

When desktop computers entered into market , all major and minor corporations started using software to store the data . Because they wanted to have the results in less time and more accuracy. This created the need of a database management . Now , before we move forward first , understand what is database ?

Database Management System have changed our world as we know it. They are capable of storing data of huge sizes and of business history of years. Providing businesses an opportunity to grow and adapt to the customer needs. These are systems that can are used to manage transnational databases, such as HR systems, banking systems and so on. They are typically optimise for performing transactions. Therefore , they are very good at returning discrete pieces of information, such as the current state of your bank account.

What is the use of Database Management System

I have yet to see an area of our practical life , where database management system is not involve . Such is its diversity and flexibility. Pick an industry and you will find DBMS in full effect. Your mobile apps , your social media , systems your banks are using , systems your company is using to run business. All of them have a database & database management systems to run their businesses.  Following are few advantages of database management system

  1. Precise & Accurate data management
  2. Easy to understand
  3. SQL Query Processing
  4. Information Sharing
  5. Reporting by Views & Stored Procedures
  6. User activity monitoring
  7. Backup & data recovery management
  8. Data Integrity & Concurrency.

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Examples of Database Management System

Few Examples of database management systems are

  1. Microsoft Database Management System SQL Server Studio MS-SQL
  2. Oracle SQL
  3. MySQL
  4. PSQL
  5. DB2

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Concluding the discussion , DBMS is a way of storing and managing data in computers. Now this can be in form of files, or tables. But, with data models such as RDBMS , all tables in databases will have a relation between them . This way we are making sure that we are not creating a redundancy in our database. Because of anomalies that can occur when we want to retrieve data or update it. Hence , we want to avoid redundancy in database.

Scientists and researchers have been working continuously to come up with approaches and models to cope up with the data requirements. Few of the most famous models with examples and as of why we dropped them and adopted new ones are discussed here  Data Models

Stay Tuned and share with your fellows , if you think this is what you were looking for. Feel free to suggest any changes or alternative view on this topic because we are all here to learn & teach each other.

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