Database Management System

To understand what a DBMS (Database Management System) is.  You need to go through my first article about databases.

When computers were reduced to the size where they were places on table. Enterprises big and small , all started using computer software to conduct their business. These software had a nice decent interface so that users can use them easily to put information in application which was stored in database , so that later it can be used to process information

Database Management System handles creation, manipulation and data integrity in a database by providing appropriate tools. Manages all users and transactions that are trying to access the database in way that no transaction is lost and no users are disturbed.


These systems have changed our world as we know it. They are capable of storing data of huge sizes and of business history of years. Providing businesses an opportunity to grow and adapt to the customer needs.

There is another term that you should have a great understanding in order to develop your understanding of Database Management System. The Term is Relational Database Management Systems.

Now you know, database management system is just a way of storing and managing data in computers. Now this can be in form of files, or tables. But, with RDBM systems , all tables in databases will have  a relation between them . This way we are making sure that we are creating a redundancy in our database, because of few things we want to avoid while designing a database is redundancy.

For a better understanding of Database Management Systems  , I will soon write an article about different types of DBMS , so that if you have any confusions it will be cleared further.

Stay Tuned and Share with your fellows , if you think this is what you were looking for. Feel free to suggest any changes or alternative view on this topic.


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